Performance Schedule

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Note: All performances have a cover charge that is set by the performers. If you would like to make reservations send an email to with your request or call our main number at 206-789-1621 during business hours (after 6pm Wed-Sat). House revenues are from food and drink sales, so please come hungry and thirsty!

Egan's Reservation Policy:

Our main room seats 46 people, plus we can put a few more on the side deck weather permitting. Customers in these seats are charged the band's cover charge on entry. We usually reserve 40-42 seats in the room prior to the show, with the remaining seats available on a "first come, first served" basis at show time.

Reserved seats are held until the show starts unless we are notified of a delay.

In addition to seating in the room and on the deck, during nice weather we also have sidewalk seating available for full service without a cover charge.


Wed Oct 22
7pm - Vocal Showcase featuring Mairin Gorman and Annie Tohrdarson, with Ed Weber (piano), Ted Enderle (bass) and Ed Littlefield (drums). Hosted by Julie Olson ($10 cover)
9pm - Vocal Jam hosted by Julie Olson. With Ed Weber (piano), Ted Enderle (bass) and Ed Littlefield (drums) ($10 cover)
Thu Oct 23
7pm - Dina Blade Student Showcase [Website] NOTE: We are not accepting any more reservations for this show. See the beginning of this document for details of our reservation policy.
9pm - Steve Korn Group, with Paul Gabrielson (bass), Dawn Clement (piano) and Mark Taylor (sax) ($10 cover)
Fri Oct 24
7pm - Dorothy Rodes, with John Hansen (piano), Jeff Johnson (bass) and Robert Rushing (drums) ($10 cover)
9pm - Cara Francis [Website] and Katy Bourne [Website], with Darin Clendenin (piano), Clipper Anderson (bass) and Steve Korn (drums) ($10 cover)
Sat Oct 25
7pm - Eugenie Jones [Website], with Eric Verlinde (piano), Derick Polk (bass) and Jamael Anthony Nance (drums)
9pm - Swayed Boots - singer/songwriter sisters Shari Kruse and Wendy Meyers ($5 cover)
Wed Oct 29
7pm - Ann Evans [Facebook Page]
9pm - Eric Fridrich and the Wanderlust [Website] - with Leif Totusek, Jeremy Jones, Dylan Hughs and Eric Fridrich
Thu Oct 30
7pm - Three Women, Three Cultures: music from Brazil, Cuba and France. With Dina Blade [Website], Janet Rayor [Website] and Elspeth Savani [Website]
9pm - Rick Mandyck Quintet ($10 cover)
Fri Oct 31
7pm - Max Holmberg Group [Website], with Alex Dugdale


Wed Nov 5
7pm - Elizabeth Perrera (vocals), with Geoff Harper (bass), Ryan Burns (piano) and Reade Whitwell (drums) ($5 cover)
9pm - Ron Stilwell (vocals) [Website] and John Hansen (piano) [Website] - a tribute to the artistry of Tony Bennett and Bill Evans ($10 cover)