Performance Schedule

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Note: All performances have a cover charge that is set by the performers. If you would like to make reservations send an email to with your request or call our main number at 206-789-1621 during business hours (after 6pm Wed-Sat). House revenues are from food and drink sales, so please come hungry and thirsty!

Egan's Reservation Policy:

Our main room seats 46 people, plus we can put a few more on the side deck weather permitting. Customers in these seats are charged the band's cover charge on entry. We usually reserve 40-42 seats in the room prior to the show, with the remaining seats available on a "first come, first served" basis at show time.

Reserved seats are held until the show starts unless we are notified of a delay.

In addition to seating in the room and on the deck, during nice weather we also have sidewalk seating available for full service without a cover charge.



Wed Aug 5
7pm - Vocalist Dave Ostronic, with special guests Scott Bemis, Alex Dyring, Bryan Greggs, Shalane Miller, Tasha Wahlenberg and "I Am Bob" ($10 cover)
Thu Aug 6
7pm - Jacob Zimmerman Quintet [Website] ($10 cover/$6 students)
9pm - Seattle Sax Institute Showcase [Website] ($7 cover)
Fri Aug 7
7pm - Scott Bemis - solo piano and vocals ($10 cover/$7 students)
9pm - Jose Gonzales (piano/vocals) [Website], with Chris Symer (bass) and Matt Jorgensen (drums) ($10 cover)
Sat Aug 8
7pm - Laura Rosok (vocals), with Shawn Schlogel (piano), Greg Feingold (bass) and Ryan Leppich (drums) ($10 cover)
9pm - Dan Czaran, with Hans Brehmer (piano), Kevin McCarthy (bass), Larry Bergman (drums) and Bonnie Birch (accordion), with guest vocalist Lori Woodbury ($10 cover)
Wed Aug 12
7pm - Vocal Showcase ($10 cover)
9pm - Vocal Jam ($10 cover)
Thu Aug 13
7pm - Jean Mishler Student Showcase
9pm - Nefopolis, with Kyle Scherrer (guitar), TJ Kottsick (tenor sax), Davy Nefos (drums) and Reign King (bass) ($10 cover)
Fri Aug 14
7pm - Dmitri Matheny Group [Website], with Bill Anschell (piano) and Phil Sparks (bass) ($10 cover)
9pm - Market St Dixieland Jazz Band [Website] (Cover TBD)
Sat Aug 15
7pm - CJ MacDuffee and Nova Devonie
9pm - Tim Carson [Website] ($15 cover)
Wed Aug 19
7pm - Remy Morritt Group, with Remy Morritt (drums), Stanley Ruvinov (bass), Brendan McGovern (sax) and Daniel Arthur (piano) ($5 cover)
9pm - Kareem Kandi Band [Website] ($10 cover)
Thu Aug 20
7pm - Perry Robinson, with Jump Ensemble [Website] ($8 cover)
Fri Aug 21
7pm - "DATE WITH THE MOON" - the Songs of Frenchman Charles Trenet, with Arwen Dewey, Pianoman VIC & Robertson Witmer. Purchase tickets online at - any remaining seats will be sold at the door
9pm - Mighty Squirrel, with David Keenan (guitar), Nova Devonie (accordion), Caridwen Spatz (violin) and Greg Spatz (violin/mandolin) ($10 cover)
Sat Aug 22
7pm - Zoo Patrol - chamber groove quartet, with Brian Cunningham (guitar), Kevin Woods (trumpet), Steve Jones (bass) and Joel Litwin (drums) [Website] ($8 cover)
9pm - Jill Cohn Trio [Website] ($15 cover)
Wed Aug 26
7pm - Vocal Showcase ($10 cover)
9pm - Vocal Jam ($10 cover)
Thu Aug 27
7pm - Rouge [Bandcamp Page], with Janet Rayor (vocals), Steve Rice (accordion), Dave Bartley (guitar), Brandon Vance (violin) and Cary Black (bass) ($10 cover, or $15 for the 7pm and 9pm shows - be sure to reserve for both)
9pm - Michelle Lordi ($10 cover)
Fri Aug 28
7pm - Chip Parker (vocals) [Website], with Darin Clendenin (piano), Geoff Cooke (bass) and Brad Boal (drums) ($10 cover)
Sat Aug 29
7pm - University Prep Jazz Combos, plus the Jason Parker Quartet [Website] with Michele Khazak [Website]
9pm - Chris McCarthy Trio, with Max Wood, Chris McCarthy and Nate Parker ($10 cover/$5 students)